Frequently Asked Questions

I have no experience with Amazon – can I still do well with this package?

The short version is yes.

The longer version is that I have some quick-start material (included as part of this package) that I’d like you to go through first. It will take you less than 90 minutes to go through and will give you an excellent foundation to make the most of this program.

Will I make my investment back?

I feel VERY confident that you can make your investment back from this. I wouldn’t offer it if I didn’t.

I guarantee I’ll deliver on what I promise, that you’re getting a great value, that it’s designed for you to make a return on investment… but some of this depends on variables I can’t control – a big one of them being, you. 🙂

Looking at numbers only, the math works out. You could earn the cost back from this program with the free mugs alone.

Here’s how the math works out:

You’ll be getting 180 free mugs.

When I made $54k with my Mother’s Day mug, I tested a $19.95 price and saw no conversion drop.

If you sell your mugs at $19.95 and take $8 out for costs (this’ll actually be less since mugs will be pre-sent to Amazon), you’ll earn an $11.95 per-mug PROFIT.

$11.95 * 180 = $2151 in take-home profit from the free mugs alone. That more than covers your investment.

Of course there’s no guarantee you’ll sell all 180 mugs – but…

– You’ll also be getting 100 free designs you can sell and profit from.

– You’ll be getting $250 in GearBubble credits (which is $250 cash you’d spend otherwise)

– You’ll be able to ask tailored-to-you questions so if anything is standing in the way of making more profits, I can help.

You’re getting major value with the free mugs, designs, and GB credit alone. Throwing software in, the review videos, the webinars, the worksheets… all make this a ridiculously over-the-top value that you can earn profits from.

So – though I will never guarantee anything, I can tell you I feel VERY confident in the value of this offer.

I’m in a very rough financial spot. Should I buy this?

Even though I said everything above… please don’t get this if it’s going to cause a financial hardship for you.

I strongly believe that this program can help you earn far more than the investment, but nothing is 100%. Any type of education – even going to college – is a gamble to some degree. It’s a well thought-out gamble, but a gamble nonetheless. If you need your money for basic living expenses, please keep it.

I’ve designed this package to accelerate your success – giving you designs, sending the mugs in, awesome software, coaching, etc – but if you have more time than money, go through Low Hanging System and use the information there. It’ll be enough for now and if I offer this again, you can re-invest your profits.

How much time will I need?

The amount of time you spend on this will really be up to you.

You can make your money back with the free mugs and designs, then guilt-free ignore everything else because you’ve made a return on investment.

You can choose to go through every weekly review video, or only some. You can skip all the webinars, or only go to the ones where you’ve sent in tailored-to-you questions.

There’s no “right” way.

If you’re new to Amazon, I definitely want you to take the 90 minutes to go through the quick start information. And you’ll need at least an hour or so to go through the deliverables. But other than that, it’s up to you.

Is this 100% done-for-you?

No. There are some elements that are given to you (the designs, mugs sent to Amazon for you) – but other elements, like watching videos, going on webinars, etc – will obviously need your involvement.

That said, some people have only purchased for specific parts of the offer and are OK not using the rest. That’s up to you.

What kind of designs will I get?

The designs are text-based designs, which is what sells the best for me.

You can either direct my team to make specific designs for you, or you can have us create 100 designs from my master list of niches. Either way is fine.

You’ll get your designs in .png format and can re-size them to any specifications you want.

Any designs we give you are 100% yours to do whatever you want with.

Will multiple people get the same designs?

You’ll be getting 100 completely unique designs.

We might use the same overall phrase – as in, you might get “Keep Calm And Own A Pit Bull” (as a bad example, ha) – and someone else might get “Keep Calm And Sew” – but nobody will have the same design.

The program is designed to help you make sales. It wouldn’t be valuable to give you the same designs as everyone else.

Will the software work on a Mac?

Yes – it’s website-based so operating system doesn’t matter.

I don’t live in USA. Will this still work for me?

100% yes. We have people all over the world in Low Hanging System who are doing well, and this is an accelerated version of that. A guy from Thailand wrote me yesterday and said he’s making 10-20 sales a day on Amazon now. People from Australia, UK, Canada, Vietnam, and many other places… are making sales. No matter where you live, you can make it work.

What time will the webinars be?

Because people from all around the world have signed up, call times will be switched around so everyone has a chance of making it to at least a few live calls.

Every webinar will have a replay (as long as technology cooperates) and you’re welcome to send in any questions in advance if you can’t make a call.

Will you really show us your numbers?

Yes – you’ll get all my stats – numbers of mugs sold, what sold best, what didn’t work, and as long as it’s reasonably easy to find, anything else you ask about.

Can I email you for personal support?

I only offer things that I feel confident I can over-deliver on, and I don’t have the bandwidth to offer individual coaching.

If you have a question, I’ll answer it on webinars so everyone can benefit.

If you’re worried about people “stealing” your ideas, remember that everybody is signing a NDA and noncompete before getting access onto the calls.

Also remember that I’ve given out my unique designs to huge groups of people, and while they’ve been stolen many times, I’ve still made over a quarter of a million dollars in passive income so far this year.

Aren’t we too close to the holidays for this to work?

The fact that we’re this close to the holidays is EXACTLY WHY this timing is perfect.

Humans work best under tight deadlines. A condensed deadline means more gets done.

Beyond that, you can still add things in during the holiday season, AND you’ll have more products to sell throughout the year. You’re setting yourself up for success both now and for the future.

Here’s some quick proof:

Are you really closing this down?

I want to be completely sure that everyone who joins gets an awesome experience of overdelivery.

As of right now, I am NOT going to re-open this offer and will be taking off the buy button at midnight.

If I feel I can scale this further and still give people an excellent value, I’ll consider re-opening it – but for now, operate under the assumption that there’ll be a hard-close today.

The holidays are getting closer and closer, so you’ll only benefit by making a decision now.

How many people are you going to let in? I don’t want there to be too much competition.

This is a point I’m a bit passionate about.

Before I started selling on Amazon, there were hundreds of thousands of items on there. It didn’t stop me from making multiple 6 figures in my first year.

Even if 1,000 people came into this particular program, we would be a fraction of the people who are already on Amazon.

You’re going to be getting 100 unique designs to sell. Passionate people buy multiple products in the niches they love. These are under-$20 impulse purchases that most people don’t hem and haw about.

Even beyond the niche thing… how many clothing stores are there? Tons! Yet it’s far more normal for you to see people wearing different clothes than the same.

And since I’m on a roll… ecommerce is still growing 23% year-over-year! Even in 2017, I’ve read that 46% of American small businesses still don’t have a website. There’s so much potential.

Don’t let “competition” stop you.

I’m not focused on how many people join. I’m more concerned that those who do get an awesome experience of overdelivery and that you remain thrilled to have signed up.

That’s why I’m closing the doors.

— What’s next? —

Hopefully this has helped give you more insight into what’s behind this package.

If you have more questions, feel free to email rachelreports and ask.

Otherwise I highly recommend you sign up right now if you want to make the most this holiday season:

Holiday Jumpstart